Coming from a family of small-scale business people, entrepreneurship for Helena Aya Aidoo-Morrison was innate, and from a young age, she dreamt big. She wanted to develop her entrepreneurship passion, coupled with her creative arts & fashion designing urges, to have a great impact on her country (Ghana), on Africa and the world more broadly. She founded the Aya Morrison Fashion Atelier while still a sophomore at CUNY Baruch College in 2008 with hopes of growing it into a successful fashion business. Starting it as an accessories-only fashion line, making handbags, belts and hair things, Helena was eventually inspired in 2009 by her love for water and swimming and also by her realization of a lack of enough vibrant, ethnic print beachwear, to make the very first cotton African print swimsuits. These made headlines and put the brand on the African fashion forefront. Featured in various diaspora print and online media platforms in New York, the Aya Morrison brand was fast growing and Helena thought to expand.
When she returned to Ghana in 2011, she opened a storefront where she operated from and eventually launched the business online. By this time, by popular demand, the label comprised clothing, swimwear and accessories. With the infusion of the vibrant “ntoma” prints of Ghana, Aya Morrison was basking in its true Ghanaian heritage.
Today, Aya Morrison is an African luxury womenswear brand established in 2008, inspired by the ‘ntoma’ prints of Ghana; our brand encompasses wardrobe staples, functional favorites, as well as custom-print beach and swimwear pieces for the modern woman.

Our focus is to design and create garments that tell a meaningful story, a story that empowers and emboldens the woman who wears an Aya Morrison piece; a piece of heritage, a piece of Africa.

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